निकाह के लिए दुआ Dua For Marriage

Dua For Marriage ,”Love is really a beautiful ship to help you sail on. Even though, the journey is difficult to search and couples should pass a great deal of hurdles though any time they spent together could be the most memorable and in addition may result inside a foundation of really like marriage.

In above affirmation ‘hurdles’ is mentioned where it really is necessarily mean to said that lots of people (including moms and dads and related society) for your context of their own culture won’t assistance love marriages or love due to the fact inter caste marriages can harm their reputation along with love couples learn difficulty to inspire them, so they might get married. It is necessary for any love marriage to have acceptance of society in addition to the family otherwise some may not let just about any love couple to help you marry.

These kinds of troubles are common in most rural areas but still love couples get was able to marry by getting larger against the decision of these particular parents along with organisations. But still quite a few Muslim couples are frequently practicing dua associated with love marriage along with leaving their troubles behind.

2 thoughts on “निकाह के लिए दुआ Dua For Marriage

  1. Assalam o alykum

    Meri magni gyi thi jb date rkhne ki bari ayi to meri jaha shadi lagi thi unhone talna suru kr diya tha aur is wajah se waha rishta mere papa ne khatam kr diya h ladke k papa koi wqt nhi bata rhe h date rkhne ka is wajah se bt cancel kr di gyi h 3 month ho gye h bs cancel hue but hm chahte h ki sb sahi ho jaye ladke k walid razi ho jaye aur wo mere papa se khud date rkhne ki bt kre jitna jaldi jo ske sb sahi ho jaye mere papa bhi kafi naraj h kahte h ager ab koi aya to nhi manenge waha shadi k liye but hm unse bahut mohabbbat krte h hm chahte h wahi shadi ho wo log aa k rishta sahi kre aur date rkh se shadi ki jitna jaldi ho ske wo mere rishte me mere mamu k ladke se meri shadi tah hui thi ab mere mamu date koi wqt nhi kah rhe plz ap mere help kr do plz meri shadi ki date ho jaye jaldi ho jitna ho ske hm nhi chahte kahi aur bt lage plz meri help kro jisse sb sahi ho jaye mere mamu aye ate rkhne k liye to mere papa bhi maan jaye aur sb pahle jaisa saho ho jaye aur wqt kafi aise hi ho gya h aur jada na ho plz meri help kro aur sb sahi ho jaye ki date rkhi jaye bs wo log khud aye date ki bt krne aur papa maan jaye gussa unka khatam ho jaye un log se papa ka mere plz reply dena khuda k liye hm dimaag taur se bahut prshn h shadi k le kr apni jldi se jaldi plz reply de…..


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