Mohabbat ka dum/Rohani Love Spell

Welcome to Istikhara for love by Roohani Ijaz.. It’s very effective and strong wazifa for creating love in any person. This Quranic verse will melt his/her coronary heart and create love in the heart of your lover. You can also make use of this Istikhara for appreciate marriage.


How make use of: Read this Rohani Wazifa/ Istikhara with regard to love 33 times after which blow it in Raisin, currant/garnet berry (kishmish/Munuqa) as well as Loaf-sugar/sugar candy (Misri) or even on any sweet which wouldnt be cooked unstoppable.

Do this 3 x. It will become read in 3 x i. e. 33 time subsequently 33 then 33 times = overall Quranic verse will likely be read 99 times. After reading allow this for eating on your beloved or whom whom you would like to make love within his/her heart.

Critical: Permission will have to use this Istikhara with regard to love.

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